Sarà finita tra un istante.

English Translation

It will be over in a moment.

Should I learn to use finita or finito when I’m not referring to something specific, like la partita?

Ciao @morbrorper I was always taught to use the masc. in such instances but very happy to be corrected by a madrelingua or those more advanced.



I’ve always favoured the masculine in such cases, but there is such an abundance of feminines that I’ve started to wonder. It could also be that the translator has just wanted to be thorough and cover all possibilities.


That is how I see it.

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Masculine is the default, but since the participle needs to match the subject when using “essere” this will refer to a femanine noun/subject: La partita, La speranza; Lei, etc…

Without context who can say? It’s a disembodied (disemsubjected?) Cloze. I do have a problem with this as I often get Clozes wrong when it could be either gender ending and I guess wrong.

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