Sama będziesz musiała się tym zająć. (Sentence Note)

NOTE: zająć (-jmę -miesz) (pf), (impf) zajmować (zajmuję -jesz) = to occupy, to take over, to seize (territory).

  • plus miejsce = take a seat.
  • plus się + Iocative = be busy with, occupy self with, take care of, engage in, do for a living
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English Translation

You’re going to have to take care of this by yourself.

Shouldn’t zająć się be followed by the instrumental case, rather than the locative, when conveying the meaning of taking care of something or being busy WITH something?

Yes, “zająć się” should be followed by the instrumental case.

In “Sama będziesz musiała się tym zająć”, “tym” is already in the instrumental, so the sentence looks correct to me.

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Yes, it’s indeed already correct. I was actually replying to the previous comment, where AlexG71 wrote that the verb should be followed by the locative case, so I was mainly commentig on this topic to make sure that new users wouldn’t be misled by that information. Thanks anyway for the confirmation!