Sai chi sia?

English Translation

Do you know who he is?

This use of the subjunctive is surprising to me.


Ciao! I would think because there is doubt. It also sounds more elegant;-) Interesting, I haven’t come across this one.

As dopo…

Ps. In view of what is happening to other fora/forums, we are so lucky to be able to come here. Così, bravo Cloze!


The indicative is used in other, similar sentences.

I find a lot of interesting sentences by playing the random selection of most common words.


This is practically the only forum I use, so I can’t relate to that, but I’m grateful for the Clozemaster fora, especially the livelier ones, such as this one.


And now I’m suddenly getting emails re posts, nice one! Never happened before.

I visit Duo forum mainly in connection with requests to join our Italian Forum, otherwise I much prefer to come here.


Interestingly though there are no translations for “(Do) you know who he/she is?” using the indicative for this sentence, even though our friend usually is quite thorough in providing most possible translations (though admittedly only “she” has the formal and plural forms of “you” covered too, so perhaps it’s before a more systematic approach to trying to cover all forms was adopted), so I guess that’s still not conclusive evidence, but does perhaps hint at a set expression or a potential regional preference for such?


The nearest I’ve come to this is “Lo/la conosci?” Slightly different emphasis I realise, but useful nonetheless. Incidentally, when I write “I realise that” do I write “Me ne resa conto”? I’m never quite sure which part needs the “a”.

Grazie in anticipo…


“Me ne resa conto” is wrong
“Me ne rendo conto” or “Me ne sono resa conto”


@giuseppeBG Mille grazie! I always get this wrong so I have made a big note on an orange postit!

Have a good day! :wink:

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