Rör mig inte, din jävel!

General question - do kids use this site and is there a rule on profanity? Just asking as other sites (like DuoLingo) wouldn’t allow this kind of sentence.

PS - the “hands off me” part can only be implied (?) as other sites translate this as Don’t touch me, motherf**ker.

I don’t think there’s an age limitation, and I imagine it’s an almost impossible task to filter out the occasional “adult” staff from the Tatoeba corpus.

I’m actually quite happy with this, not being sheltered from the realities of life, like on that other site.

“Bort med tassarna, skitstövel!” is my suggestion :slight_smile:

“Bastard” is a bit difficult though; the exact translation is “oäkting”, but nobody would understand that in the heat of the argument. :wink:

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I’m not against learning how to cuss! Was just curious.

because of their restrictions I went through a long (and careful) discussion on Duo about an old Per Gessle demo (Dansar nerför ditt stup i rekordfart) after I’d seen him sheepishly batting away questions about it. Turns out I’d guessed right as to what on earth he was on about with “stup”.

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I shall memorise these IMMEDIATELY :wink:

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