Requesting new language pairs

Hi Mike,
I hope you’re doing well.

I’ve requested some language pairs a long long time ago and I got a promise they could be doable. But since then they were not installed so I thought I make a thread regarding this again.
You’ve added these requests to your to-do list way back then so I’d really appreciate if you could finally introduce them.:slight_smile:

Could you please introduce the following language pairs into Clozemaster?

Hungarian - Croatian
Hungarian - Greek
Hungarian - Hebrew
Hungarian - Icelandic
Hungarian - Norwegian
Hungarian - Serbian

Thank you so much.


Hello @dirrrtypop! Thanks for the reminder and hope you’re doing well as well. :slight_smile: These indeed keep pushed further back in the backlog - I’ll bump them up in priority and see if we can’t get them added sooner. :+1:

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It’s time for a bump as far as I’m concerned.

Could you please add the requested pairs, please?

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Thanks for the bump! To confirm - you mean learning Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, etc. from Hungarian, in other with Hungarian as the native/base language, is that right?

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Hey, Mike,

Yes, you hit the nail on the head, that’s exactly what i was thinking.
I don’t know how complicated and time-consuming this process is but if it’s doable, I’d add
Bulgarian and Ukrainian as well so all in all that’d be 8 new pairs for us, Hungarian natives.


Hey @mike,

Just for your information: the link ‘Let us know’ on Learn language in context - Clozemaster seems to go nowhere.

So I would like to ask you to put the pair ‘Latin from German’ on the possible-languages-for-the-future-list. :blush:
(There should be around 15.000 sentences on Tatoeba, if I see correctly)
Thanks a lot.

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Latin from French would also be great!

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Euskera from Spanish. There are 4.070 phrases Euskera to Spanish in tatoeba and 4.478 phrases Spanish to Euskera.

How do you all feel about using indirect translations from Tatoeba?

Some language pairings on Clozemaster use them, but we’ve been sticking to direct translations for recent additions/updates. All the language pairings @dirrrtypop requested, however, only have ~100 sentences or fewer with direct translations, and Latin from German/French only have ~500 directs each @Tarob @kadrian.

Do you think it’s worth using the indirect translations in these cases? Please check a few out on Tatoeba if you haven’t already (listed as “Translations of translations”). @alanf - also curious to get your input given your involvement with Tatoeba.

Thanks for any input! (Will also check out that link @Tarob, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:)

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As you might have guessed, I think using indirect translations from Tatoeba is not a good idea in general. Far better for both Clozemaster and Tatoeba to send people over to Tatoeba to mark indirect translations as direct (if they are good translations). Or contact individuals at Tatoeba and ask them to do it. Then the direct translations can be imported.

I can see that you’re talking about language combinations that are quite possibly not going to be spoken by any speakers already at Tatoeba. Let’s say you’re a Hungarian speaker who wants to learn Icelandic, and there are no Hungarian/Icelandic speakers already at Tatoeba. There are two possibilities:

  1. You also know a third language (let’s call it English) that has plenty of direct translations into both Hungarian and English, and you know all three languages well enough to determine whether a Hungarian-Icelandic indirect translation is a valid direct translation.

  2. You don’t know three languages well enough to determine whether a Hungarian-Icelandic indirect translation passing through the intermediate language is a valid direct translation.

In the first case, I would say that you, as well as the Tatoeba and Clozemaster communities, would benefit most by joining Tatoeba (if you’re not already a member) and marking suitable indirect Hungarian-Icelandic translations direct. Then Clozemaster can import them. Even though you’ve gone through the work of marking the sentences, you can get the additional benefit of doing cloze exercises on the sentences you’ve already marked. Hopefully this extra work will pay off for you because you’ll learn Icelandic better.

Unfortunately, in the second case, you’re not really in a position to mark translations, but you wouldn’t get much out of working with unreviewed indirect translations, either. In fact, you might have to unlearn some of the wrong things you would learn.


Ah, I didn’t know there were so few german-latin pairs.
Personally I would prefer it if Clozemaster used only direct translations.
Especially with the Latin base which includes highly complicated sentences from literature, a bad indirect translation might do more harm than good.
Knowing all this, using English-Latin makes more me sense for me.

I therefore want to anull my request for now.
I might rerequest when there are more translations though :wink:


I will use this post to request some new languages pairs.

Aragonese from Spanish
Asturian from Spanish
Leonese from Spanish
Mirandese from Portuguese

Some of these don’t have a lot of phrases in tatoeba so I don’t think it would be able to create them. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the request/post! We’re working on coming up with a way to start getting sentences added for smaller languages so we can get them added to Clozemaster. At the moment the goal is likely going to be 1,000 sentences per language. It will likely still take us some time, and will likely be slow to start, but that’s the goal! :slight_smile: If you know any who speaks the languages you listed natively/fluently and would be interested in helping translate please let us know.


Galician from Portuguese, this one has more than 2k sentences on Tatoeba.
Catalan from Italian, this one has more than 3k.
Catalan from Portuguese, +3k
Galician from Italian, +1k

Italian and Portuguese from Swedish, both more than 10k on tatoteba.



Any chance of English from Slovak?


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