Request for tips: Sharing personal collections

If you are either an owner of shared sentence collections or a user of them, can you give me tips for how to create better shared collections? I have never seen or used shared collections in my courses (Indonesian and Japanese from English) on Clozemaster. :smiling_face_with_tear: My personal (private) collections are getting larger, and I am thinking about sharing them with my fellow learners. So, I need your tips and opinions!

Here are questions I would particularly like to know:

  1. The “note”, “hint” and “alternative answers” sections:
    If I, as the owner of a shared collection, fill something in these sections, how do they work for other users? For example, I often put definitions and root words in the note section of my personal (private) collection. Do they show up exactly the same on other users’ screen if I set the collection from private to shared? Can other users overwrite the note and other sections as they wish without impacting on my original shared version? Or, is it better to remove such additional information when I release my personal collection to the public?

  2. Categorization of collection:
    The Clozemaster’s default collections are categorized based on the word frequency. Do you expect the same categorization to shared collections developed by fellow learners? Or, do you prefer categorization based on genre such as natural science and business? Or, completely randomized?
    The collections I am sharing to the public are designed for those who have already completed Most Common 20,000 words collection (or higher). In other words, my target users are upper B1 or B2 of the CEFR scale. I assume that such target users do not care so much about the word frequency anymore.

  3. Size per collection:
    How many sentences per collection are the best manageable size? My Indonesian course offers up to ~1,300 sentences in each Most Common Words (Clozemaster default) collection. But My Japanese course has up to 10,000 sentences per collection, and I guess the size is a bit overwhelming and hard to review. Meanwhile the Cloze-Reading (a bonus material) for the Japanese course provides ~600 sentences per reading collection.

  4. Sentence updates:
    What if I update a sentence AFTER sharing my personal collection? Does the change immediately impact on other users? Clozemaster is currently updating bad sentences in the default collections and the updates become in effect immediately to all users. Is this the same as personal shared collections?

  5. Attribution (copyright):
    Does anyone quote and remix sentences sourced from external websites such as Wikipedia? All Wikipedia articles are released under CC BY-SA 3.0 and sentences on Tatoeba are CC BY 2.0. In either case, you need to display the original author’s name or hyperlinks in order to fulfill the attribution (BY) requirement when you reuse/redistribute their sentences.
    But there is no “source link” section in the personal collection. How do you fulfill this attribution requirement? For my personal collection of the Indonesian course, I just reuse the “pronunciation” section for the attribution because no one needs pronunciation information in Indonesian. But the Japanese course definitely needs the pronunciation section for pronunciation. So, the only section I can use for attribution is the “note” section. Does anyone else think we need an additional section for attribution?

Any other suggestions or discussion points are also much appreciated. :smiley: