Regarding the latest update

Despite the bugs, I must say I am highly satisfied with the changes. I like the dark mode, the ordering of the languages, and most of all the new download system and audio as well. Still no esperanto but that is small compared to the vietnamese, cantonese, and bahasa indonesia I was missing ever so.

Great work everyone! This is truly worth it.


Showing the list of sentences played at the end of each set is a really good improvement. Sometimes I catch myself answering automatically without much thought, then can’t remember what the sentence was the moment I hit return. Now I can go back and check whether I really understood what I was doing.


I really like how easy it has become to set the percentage explicitly on each sentence.

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Unfortunately, it looks like the direct link to the sentence at Tatoeba has disappeared from the error-reporting dialog in the browser. I had been hoping to see the same direct link in the Android app, so this is a disappointment.

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Glad to hear - thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: We’re working on ironing out the bugs as quickly as possible. @morbrorper thanks for letting us know - should be able to get that link added back.

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I mostly like the update, but am disappointed by the matter of limiting the amount of sentences to 20,000; I liked the idea that the amount of content was HUGE and basically limitless and now I rather think that I could finish Clozemaster before I finish with Clozemaster (as in decide I don’t need/want to use it anymore because my language skills are so good that I don’t benefit from it). Would rather that perhaps it gets limited in chunks, so one could finish 20,000 and then start another 20,000 as desired.

I also would ask that more attention is placed on removing proper names as answers. I am still getting “Tom” and “Mary” as answers in the Turkish course and naturally there’s no real challenge in these senteces. I report it every time but it is a bit annoying.

Thanks though, it’s a great app!