ra djuno lo fatci

English Translation

He knows the truth.

“Ra djuno lo fatci” is a sentence in the constructed language Lojban. This sentence translates to “He/she/it knows the fact” in English. Now, let’s break it down:

  1. “Ra” is a name assigning pro-sumti (similar to a pronoun in English). It frequently refers to a previously mentioned entity. In this sentence, it stands for “he”, “she”, or “it”.

  2. “Djuno” is a verb (specifically a gismu) in Lojban which means “know”. It shows the action performed by the subject “ra”.

  3. “Lo” is an article that is roughly equivalent to the English “the”, but it has specific semantic distinctions. “Lo” marks what follows as a sumti (roughly speaking, a noun phrase), and it refers to any entity that fits the description of the following word in the broadest sense.

  4. “Fatci” is a noun that means “fact”.

So, putting it together, “ra djuno lo fatci” signifies that a previously mentioned entity (he/she/it) possesses knowledge of a certain fact.