Questo libro tratta la vita nel Regno Unito.

English Translation

This book deals with life in the United Kingdom.

Please help me with the English translation here: “this book deals”. Every time I see “the book deals” I think why not “tells, narrates, relates”. Is it common in some English speaking parts of the world and not the others ? Or is it something I have never seen before and this is perfectly ok?

Ciao. If you say “This book tells/narrates etc” that’s all it does. If you say “This book deals with the…” it can mean much more, the book really gets to grips with or fully explains something. “This book deals with the problems experienced by the first trip to the moon…” etc.

So it’s OK though I have to admit this is the first time I’ve seen *tratta used this way. We live and learn;-)


“Tratta” is not surprising here.
Think of the English “treatise” / “to treat” which fits exactly your explanation of “deals”.

Btw, a treatise is a “Traktat” in German.


Ho capito ora! Grazie, I am so used to seeing “si tratta di” that “tratta” on its own felt strange. Traktat is a fine word too;-)!

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