Questo libro è disponibile è disponibile solamente in un negozio.

English Translation

This book is available at one shop only.

It is a duplication ,ovviamente, but it tricks you when you know disponibile should be your cloze word and disponibile is already in the sentence. Try it. You will be looking for a cloze word too. Meanwhile I will go and check my dizionario for the word “sloppy”.


Sì sì I hoped for “… è disponibile, tuttavia è disponibile solamente in un negozio” or something similar. Disponibile is now forever remembered, remembered;-)


D’accordo. D’accordo.


Indeed, or even a simple “… è disponibile ed/ma è disponibile…

Given the fact that all the Italian translations have been provided by the same person and mainly seem to vary in the “only” construction, I do wonder though if the duplication of “è disponibile” isn’t just another errore di battitura (or copying to add the multiple variations).

Version 1:
Questo libro è disponibile soltanto in un negozio.

Version 2:
Questo libro è disponibile è disponibile solo in un negozio.

Version 3:
Questo libro è disponibile è disponibile solamente in un negozio.

Since this user tends to take quite a systematic approach to adding all possible translations, had it not been an error, I would’ve expected 6 versions of this sentence. Although of course it is still possible that Version 1 is the one that is erroneous :wink:


Ciao ciao. Sì sì I read all the versions that were made disponibile! Love your thinking sindaco. Una battatura forse, or a quick cut-n-paste or… perhaps we’ll never know. We did at least give it our best shot as to how the frase could be improved. Great fun!

A dopo, a doppio… :wink:


Guys! 1. Is battatura a new word or is it a comedic take on “battitura” the one I just recently learned? 2. Do you think if, say, someone would care about the quality of their product ( tatoeba, CM, Giorgio and all involved) would go back on all of our findings and clean up? Sono pazzo? P.S. I do like the expression “fare una battuta” and I think we are allowed to make mistakes because we are still learning.

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Indeed, thanks for pointing it out, better to stick with the correct “battitura” :wink: Updated accordingly to avoid confusion!

Yes, here errors that we have reported (properly reported by clicking on the flag and entering the motivation), have generally all been corrected at some point, as far as I’m aware.

On Tatoeba it should be the same, except that that is a work of volunteers, and of course you can’t give random new people the powers of editing things, so there you can comment on the sentences in question, and hope that someone with the correct powers sees it at some point, or the original poster. Not sure if everyone also has the power to change a flag from the start, probably not, then you could at least a bit more efficiently signal that something might be amiss.

Exactly :smile: it also seems an enjoyable way to learn!