Questo film per i bambini è spaventoso.

English Translation

This movie is frightening to the children.

I guess this linked translation is technically correct, but the way the Italian sentence is written, makes me favour the translation of “This children’s film [film for children] is frightening”. For the given translation I’d personally use “Questo film è spaventoso per i bambini”.

The translations in most other languages don’t seem to be as ambiguous, with all of them clearly stating it’s a film that is scary for children.


I just read it as “This film is frightening for the children”. It might not be a children’s film that is in question. “This film (perhaps The Shining?) is frightening for (or to) the children”. Most Italians would say ai bambini, i think.

A dopo :wink:


Probably he means “questo film è spaventoso per i bambini”