Quella è una questione di voti.

[details=“English Translation”]That is a matter of degrees.[/details]The Italian word “voti” means grades, like the grades you get in school. It also means votes. Did the Tatoeba source here conflate the word with the English “gradation,” as in, “he was wearing me down by degrees,” in which case the Italian word would be “gradi.”
Is there any chance this translation is correct? Whenever a word seems wonky and I look up the source, it always seems to be from the same Tatoeba contributor.


Agreed it seems wrong. Neither Treccani nor WordReference have any citation for this use.

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Ehilà @hab638 It will be interesting to hear from @Mike-Lima on this one. I have seen both used as such but gradi certainly seems better. A dopo…

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I will be not very responsive for a few days, I am currently traveling.

“Voti” is not the right word at all; “gradi” could work. Maybe “livelli” or “sfumature”, or “quantita’” could be used as well, depending on the meaning. I am afraid I cannot think of an expression that translates exactly this English sentence.


Grazie Mike-Lima e buon viaggio!

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