Pytam się ciebie jako przyjaciela.

English Translation

I’m asking you as a friend.

ChatGPT wasn’t of great help with this sentence. Can anyone explain to me why przyjaciela is used? I thought that usually anything that comes after jako is presented in the Nominative.

Also, what does pytać się mean exactly? Is it a “reinforced” version of pytać?

“Pytam się ciebie jako przyjaciela” means that the speaker considers the other person to be their friend. So it’s basically “I’m asking you because you are my friend”.

“Pytam się ciebie jako przyjaciel” would mean that the speaker considers himself to be the other person’s friend. So it’s more like “I’m asking you because I am your friend”.

As for “się”, it is indeed used as an intensifier with some verbs. However, in the case of “pytać”, using the verb alone is pretty much synonymous to using it with “się”. You can use them interchangeably, and I don’t feel like one is stronger than another.