Puoi invitare chiunque vuole venire.

English Original Sentence

You may invite whoever wants to come.

The Spanish translation uses the subjunctive, and I would naturally have used voglia here. :thinking:


Ciao @morbrorper Interestingly *chiunque doesn’t appear on my list of Subjunctives so it will be good to find out. You have a sharp occhio!

A dopo…


You can definitely use “voglia” here. But in colloquial context, it is also common to hear the sentence as stated.

The version with the subjunctive is a bit more formal, or may indicate that the speaker is not presuming many people are willing to come.

Let’s say that in writing, I would chose the one using the subjunctive, but in informal speech, one or the other is fine.


Come sempre, mille grazie @mike-lima

Stay cool!


@mike-lima: your insights are always very helpful, thanks a lot!


Hi @mike-lima This may sound daft, but I sometimes notice that a correct word actually sounds better or easier to say. I find it easier here to say “chiunque vuole venire” than “voglio venire”. A friend in Lucca often used to tell me “Ah it sounds better” and quite often I could see her point.

Stay cool!

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@Floria7, you are right, I do the same with English, I ask myself “does it sound right?”

But you have to be exposed to your target language long enough that you have seen and noticed the patterns that appear regularly, so it is not for the complete novice. And there are always exceptions, and sentences you have not read yet.