Public or Private

Are you playing public/shared or private/not-shared sentences/texts?

  • public
  • private
  • both

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(Trying out a poll.)

I’m playing the default sentences provided by clozemaster.

If private, what source?

Public, but I’d love a way to pull French books in the public domain into Clozemaster and have it turn one word per sentence into a cloze word, so I could play while reading French literature!

@kadrian I think it’s on the way with “My Cloze-Texts: Create your own custom cloze-texts from any text!”, which is in beta.

That sounds good, as long as you can earn points for playing texts you’ve created yourself (perhaps only if you make them public). At the moment, the custom collections don’t earn you any points, even the “Clozemaster Approved” ones.