Przypominam moją matkę.

Should the translation for this be ‘I remind my mother’? Thanks

Actually, przypominać means both “to remind” and “to resemble”, so the meaning will depend on the context.

Przypominać in the sense of “to remind” takes the dative case (“komu? czemu?”).

Przypominać in the sense of “to resemble” takes the accusative case (“kogo? co?”).

Here, we have the accusative, so it translates to “I resemble my mother”. If it was in the dative (“Przypominam mojej matce”), it would indeed mean “I remind my mother”.

Hope this helps! Let me know if anything is unclear.

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Ah … thanks, I didn’t know it had this double meaning. I looked it up in ‘301 Polish Verbs’ and to resemble was not mentioned, just to recall or to remind.

Thank you for your explanation, it makes perfect sense.