Przynieś mi magazyny. (Question)

The English translation is given as ‘Bring me the magazines’. I understood ‘magazyn’ to mean ‘wharehouse’ In Polish. Can ‘magazyn’ also mean ‘magazine’ in Polish these days??? I thought that magazine in Polish was mainly ‘czasopismo’. When I Googled ‘magazyn’ on Google images it mostly returned images of wharehouses. Thanks!

“Magazyn” means both “warehouse” and “magazine”, and the second usage isn’t really all that recent.

Some people like to promote “czasopismo” as the proper word for “magazine” because it’s such a nice Polish word (though it’s actually a calque of the German “Zeitschrift”). To others, “czasopismo” seems a bit old-fashioned and they prefer “magazine” as the more modern sounding.

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Thanks, I thought that it must have adopted the meaning ‘magazine’, despite the Google images search I did. I thought I’d better check it out further, as it was the first time I’d encountered it in this context and furthermore on a Polish Uni course, I was previously taught that ‘magazyn’ was a ‘false friend’, which didn’t mean magazine. Thanks for the clarification.

It is interesting how many foreign words have been introduced into modern Polish. I recently watched a Polish TV show on Netfilx called ‘Ultraviolet’, mainly to get practice listening to Polish language. The characters, especially the younger ones, would regularly use foreign words as opposed to their Polish counterparts, e.g. they said ‘f@ck’ as about as often as they said ‘k@rwa’. But even ‘every day’ words such as ‘co?’ were sometimes replaced with ‘what?’.