Przyjadę do ciebie kiedyś.

The CM English translation is given as ‘I will come to your country some day’. I’m unsure of how ‘to your country’ is gleaned from the Polish original sentence. The literal translation is ‘I’ll come to you (by vehicle) sometime’. Can ‘przyjadę’ (przyjechać) imply foreign travel? Thanks

It can mean that, but the translation is really a stretch. The Polish sentence doesn’t give any clues as to whether the person would go to another country, or just the nearby town. The only certainty is that they’re coming by a vehicle.

The sentence should probably be reported. A good translation for “I will come to your country some day” would be “Przyjadę kiedyś do twojego kraju” or “Odwiedzę kiedyś twój kraj”.

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Thanks, I’ll report it. The existing translation does seem too much of a stretch.