Przekazał sporo pieniędzy dla dobra sztuki.

Is ‘dobra’ in the correct case here??? Should be genitive after ‘dla’?

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Hi Alex!

You’re right about “dla” requiring the genitive. However, in this particular sentence, “dobra” isn’t the feminine form of the adjective “dobry” (“good”), but the genitive form of the noun “dobro”.

If we were to translate this sentence into English word-by-word, “dobro” would correspond to the English “sake”. This is because the fixed expression “dla dobra ___” is the Polish equivalent of “for the sake of ___”.

Of course, the noun “dobro” is derived from the adjective “dobry”, and will usually mean something like “goodness”, “kindness”, or just “the good”, as in “good and evil” (in Polish: “dobro i zło”).


Thank you very much, that is an excellent explanation.

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  • przekazać (-każę -żesz) (pf), (impf) przekazywać (-zuję -jesz) = hand over, communicate, pass on, convey +Dative … to