Problem with Reviews

I have my reviews set at the default, with the 100% pushed out to 210 days.

I haven’t done a new sentence in weeks. Every day it’s reviews of 100% Mastered, and it seems like I just saw the sentence a few days ago. Yesterday I cleared as many as I could and got it down to 400 or so. This morning I had well over 600 to review.

Is there a glitch? I know I used to finish all my reviews every day, then do new sentences. Now I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels.

Is there a solution?

Thanks for the post! If you’ve been playing long enough it may just be 100% Mastered sentences finally coming up for review. One option might be to search for 100% Mastered sentences in the collection you’re playing and ignore them if they’re not useful, or try resetting and then re-mastering them so their review intervals are punted further into the future. Curious to hear if you have anything in mind for an ideal solution we might try implementing.

If I have my 100% Mastered set for 180 day reviews, and I review today and then it comes up for review again next week, (instead of in 180 days) that seems like a glitch.

I ended up doing screen shots of everything and sending them to someone at Clozemaster. I didn’t hear back, but now my number of reviews are only going up by 5 or 10 instead of 200 a day, so apparently something got fixed.