Președintele Barack Obama a lăudat Polonia ca un bun exemplu pentru democrațiile aspirante din Orientul Mijlociu sau din altă parte.

Some of these phrases are really ancient history, aren’t they?

(I should post this over on the Polish language board where it might have more traction.)

Lol - I laugh at some of the phrases, though I’ve also learned some interesting political, historical and geographical trivia from some. I felt compelled to google some to find out if they were made up or not! So far it’s all been legit lol

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[details=“English Translation”]President Barack Obama praised Poland as an example for aspiring democracies in the Middle East and elsewhere.[/details]Yep. And, as time passes, things change again. Poland is back in the West’s good books as it has responded well to refugees from Ukraine.

Though, they (Poland/Europe as a whole) took a military hardline response for refugees from the Middle East and Afghanistan. The geopolitics of US/Russian proxy wars notwithstanding, it is difficult not to see the hypocrisy involved.

Nonetheless, I realise we’re diverging from language discussion itself.

I’m looking to travel to Romania next month, will have to see how well I do in immersion!

I think I’m going to have to cancel my October plans for Moscow and St. Petersburg though. Something tells me 2022 may not be the best year for such a vacation…