Potete insegnarmi a volare?

English Translation

Can you teach me how to fly?

Some other translations in Tatoeba offer this interpretation of this sentence in various languages including Italian : Potete insegnarmi a rubare. Some slang I don’t know?

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It appears that the original sentence over at Tatoeba was in French Peux-tu m’apprendre à voler ?

Now the verb voler in French is one of those words that we come across from time to time, where the word has two totally different meanings. In this case the two meanings for voler are “to fly” and “to steal”.

Therefore, among the different translations provided over at Tatoeba, people have supplied both interpretations of the original verb voler. That has resulted in these two interpretations showing up in Italian - one translated with volare and the other one translated with rubare.


Amazing! For the interpretations of this word in Tatoeba this totally makes sense. Thank you! Now, if “volare” and " to fly" in the Italian-English pair means one and only one action, that should be highlighted somehow. I am just really surprised. You cannot possibly ask to teach you rubare in Italian if you really mean volare?


Makes for interesting discussion though, viviamo e impariamo :wink:

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