Pop-ups - I like them! 😉

Just as I hit a low patch, the generous upcheers from friends kept me going (thank you!), then came not only those crazy level-up popups but an even crazier personal pop from the one and only Kevin Bacon! What more could a girl ask for! Happy learning all!


Even though I generally hate pop-ups, I must admit I love the level-up clips here at Clozemaster.


Me too. They’re so frantically over-the-top that it’s impossible not to laugh along. A little humour goes a long way to pushing to the next level. Oh happy days!


Back at you. :grinning:

I know it’s a pointless (but mildly amusing) exercise, but I’ve started to keep track of which videos I get at each level up. (Just so that it’s not TOTALLY trivial, I also track my total points at the time, overall position (more interesting in German than Italian; in Italian I’ve been 5th for I can’t remember how long and am likely to stay there for a few months more, whereas in German I’m still at that point where I’m rocketing past those who came before me and abandoned the language), my number of sentences seen and my number mastered. Oh, and the number of sentences to the next level up, because I swear I have no idea how that system works beyond a certain point. I could have sworn that at one point I was needing 6 figures to make the next level in Italian, at present it’s closer to 45K, incrementing by a few hundred per level. I’m sure there’s a pattern, but I haven’t been doing this long enough to really see it. In German, where I’m still in double digits, I can see a predictable pattern emerging.)

A lot of them I feel “meh” about, some are reasonably amusing, but for me the three that evoke a “Yes!” response are:

  • The clip from Top Gun where Maverick grabs Iceman;
  • Jackie Chan and Chris Rock singing along in a car (presumably from one of the Rush Hour movies which I haven’t actually seen, oddly enough, but anything with Jackie Chan is usually entertaining); and
  • A (presumably?) football coach in a green tie pumping the air. I have no idea who he is, what sport he’s in (NFL at a guess)? or what has motivated him to do so, but that always hits the right mood for me.

There aren’t any that I dislike, but I’m afraid Kevin Bacon doesn’t make my top 3. (Though he would if the scene from Apollo 13, where he just heard that he was selected to replace Gary Sinise / Ken Mattingly on the mission - yes, that would DEFINITELY make my top 5.)

I think some of them work better if you understand the reference too; Some of the (US version) The Office clips would probably leave players with jaws dropped if they didn’t understand who the people were. (Not that that’s an intrinsically bad thing.) There are some which I still have no clue about the origin of.

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Ciao LuciusV, I confess to not understanding all the figures, I tend to go with the flow and hope for the best. I like your popup descriptions - mine include three crazy gals in tracksuits screaming and jumping on/off a chair, four office staff losing it completely and a large guy in a suit perhaps watching football and beating the air and his chest and going totally ott. I was so surprised to see Kevin B that I forget what he was doing. Luv em all, they really are very funny and light relief. I’ll try n remember the next one and update you. (yelling!) Bye!


I think that’s my “green tie guy”.

Let me remind you…

Apparently this was an entrance to one of Jimmy Fallon’s shows, but I imagine that there were a lot of throwbacks to the movie Footloose in the clip. Whether the bow tie wiggle was one of them, I’m not sure since I’ve never seen the movie. (And if it was, I’m not sure whether our pop-up is from the movie, or the Fallon intro. I haven’t seen it since Italian level 213, which would have been a couple of weeks ago.)

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Yes yes, it was “green tie guy”! He sure gets about. Mille grazie per il clip of KB, nice! (You can’t see me, I’m rocking right at the back dammit). In my clip I think he was talking animatedly with some people and suddenly turned to to the camera grinning - he obviously knew I’d gone up a level and was keen to add his own Hollywood up-cheer. Lol.

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In 914 days here, I’ve never even noticed that the pop-ups weren’t all the same!


What?!! Ma no! :slight_smile: You haven’t lived if you haven’t seen “greentie guy” lol

Ciao LuciusVorenusX - really important news, Will Ferrell lookylikey in red tracksuit has just popped up on my Italian-English course to celebrate another level. Will F and Kevin B, lucky lucky me;-)

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LuciusVorenusX - you’re right, Kevin just popped up in bowtie n tux! (Scuse such frivolity, I’ve been doing Clitics for hours and needed a break).

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I haven’t seen the other Kevin one yet, but I’m sure my time will come.

As for clitics… I’m normally a believer in having at least some understanding of grammar, but with clitics I’ve made an exception. I’ve seen them explained, but I’ve never seen them explained well, and I can’t explain them to anyone else. I therefore decided to not worry about the grammar and just use them as much as possible to make them instinctive.

Kevin would probably disapprove, but Jackie Chan would be cool with it.

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LuciusVorenusX Ciao di nuovo. Ho capito bene. I find myself slipping in the occasional ne ci la le gliene ecc, and sometimes find they’re correct. Then nearly faint with amazement! :wink:

Ps. Clitics again. If you Google “Clitics Italian” there is a “best answer” piece by the great CivisRomanus (Duolingo). It is very detailed but very useful and has given me the confidence to try. Ciao!

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But more important than clitics… as with Mr Bacon I think there are actually two different versions of Green Tie Guy! One where he starts off pumping his arms, the second where he’s walking toward the camera, I presume a minute or so thereafter!

Non vedo l’ora :slight_smile: È molto importante per l’incoraggiamento.

Ciao @LuciusVorenusX, stasera, mamma mia, Striped Tie guy in grey suit, just gotta laugh😅

End January! Today a guy in a grey suit and white shirt/dark tie popped up, going gloriously berserk. I only mention it as he is the image of my late brother when celebrating a rugby World Cup win. This has made my day!

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Important news, @Floria7! I have discovered the real life identity of Green Tie Guy!

“Miguel Herrera’s Goal Reaction refers to the animated celebrations acted out by manager of the Mexico national football team Miguel Ernesto Herrera Aguirre during the group A World Cup soccer match between Croatia and Mexico in June 2014.”

Alas, I haven’t seen him for quite some time now. It’s been a long time since Jackie Chan too, although Maverick from Top Gun did appear somewhere in the 290’s if I recall correctly.

Since it’s now over 60,000 points between levels in Italian for me (and climbing), I’ll be seeing an increasing number of days without a level up video… unless I really start to get my tedesco groove on.

Or I start studying French, but there’s a limit to how much pain I’m prepared to suffer to see The Coach.

Coach Herrera will probably be back on my Italian path some day, though, the Clozemaster gods willing.


@LuciusVorenusX Green tie guy?! Oh my, this is indeed great news! In fact it has made my day to know that I can now call my manic follower and devoted coach Miguel, I’m sure he won’t mind (or notice) the lack of formality. So enjoyed seeing his whole coaching repertoire.

But please don’t overdo things levelling-up- wise, take care, Coach Miguel will be waiting for us as we review our reviewed reviews, meantime I’ve had to make do with “three guys whooping it up in the office”. Oh happy day!


And today “Glitterman” sprinkled congrats all over as I levelled up. I was so overcome I can’t now remember where or how. Kevin and Miguel have competition, methinks!

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