Pojechał za mnie. (Question)

The English CM translation is ‘He went in place of me’, this suggests that the ‘he’ took the place of speaker at some pre-arranged event. Can the Polish sentence mean that? Literally, the Polish sentence would be akin, I think, to something like 'He followed me (in a vehicle), or he ‘He drove behind me’. Thanks

“In place of me” (or “in my place”?) seems like the correct translation here. In other words, the Polish sentence means that the person went to some even as a substitute for the speaker.

If you’d like to say “He followed me” or “He drove behind me”, you’d need to use the pronoun in the instrumental case (rather than the accusative), so: “Pojechał za mną”.

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Ah … thanks, of course, I can see my mistake now, cheers.