Pójdę na rower, nawet jeśli będzie padać. (Question)

Some help … please ‘pójść’ would usuallyrefer to a verb of motion by walking, so in this sentence it is out of context, as a vehicle is being used (a bicycle)? Or is there some kind of exception being used? Thanks

“Pójść na rower” is a colloquial expression that means “to go on a bike ride”, “to go biking/cycling”.

Similarly, you can say “pójdę na łyżwy” (“I’ll go ice skating”), “pójdę na rolki” (“I’ll go rollerblading”), and so on.

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Thanks for clarifying. I tried Googling both ‘Pójdę na rower’ and ‘Pojadę na rower’. Both of these expressions produced results on Polish websites. It made me wonder if perhaps ‘Pojadę na rower’ was more grammatically correct but maybe ‘Pójdę na rower’ might be acceptable in ‘every-day’ language. Cheers!