Point scores for weekly leaderboard on Monday morning

How is it possible to earn 230,000 points just a few hours into the new week? (French weekly leaderboard today.) Is there something I don’t understand about the scoring? For people who’ve been using the site less than 7 months, my understanding is that the maximum score you can earn per sentence is 32. 230,000 / 32 = 7,187 sentences, which is a lot to do in just a couple of hours.

Does the week start at different times in different time zones? Where I live, it resets about 9am on Monday morning and someone had earned 230,000 points by 10:30am.

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Hello! Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know! It looks like there was an issue updating some of the weekly leaderboard scores which should now be resolved. Please let us know of course if you notice any other issues. Thanks again!

I think this problem has recurred again.

This problem seems to have reoccurred for two weeks now.

It’s just happened again this week. I ended last week at around 371,000 points, but my score didn’t get reset as the new week’s leaderboard started.

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Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know! It should now be updated. I’ll respond in the subreddit thread as well.

Awesome streak and progress by the way! :flushed: :raised_hands: That is really impressive. Do you feel like you’re seeing progress in your real-world usage of the languages you’re learning as a result of using Clozemaster? Also - what would you most like to see improved on Clozemaster (aside from more consistent weekly score resets :slightly_smiling_face:), if anything?

Yes, definitely! I use Clozemaster differently according to my stage at a language. Those intense efforts pay well with languages you can read properly but not speak so fluently yet. I’ve seen an incredible improvement in my French, Spanish and Esperanto after several rounds, and then I replicated it with Italian, which shows I was on the right track. Next time it’s repeating it with other languages I still don’t know so well. On the other hand, even for harder languages like Hebrew and Greek, I’ve noticed that Clozemaster allows me to progress at them in an even way, not allowing for my passive skills to surpass my passive ones by a too large gap. I’m learning and consolidating step-by-step for those languages.

I’d like to see some new language pairs, a larger database for languages such as Estonian, Georgian and Guarani.

I’m looking forward to seeing some improvements on the iOS app. So far it’s unstable. It freezes as I scroll down the screen and I can’t play the lower languages on my dashboard without geting back to the Languages tab. Moreover, the TTS ceased to work completely.


Awesome - I’m really glad to hear it’s been useful and thanks for the feedback! What are the new language pairs you’d like to see?

I’m working on making it easier to add more language pairs and content, as well as updates to the mobile app. Anything else you think of please feel free to let me know. Thanks again!

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I’d like to see the following pairs:








Hi @Expugnator, may I ask, how do you manage to learn so many languages? Is language learning a hobby or related to your work or daily life? I struggle with one foreign language!

This program has dramatically helped my aural comprehension of French, though it still isn’t great when sentences don’t come one at a time like they usually do here. When I started using Clozemaster, my reading comprehension was MUCH better than my aural comprehension, and now they’re closer to being on a par.

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It’s definitely a hobby which I’m trying to turn into a parallel career.
I have a routine for each language that includes traditional learning through textbooks, using authentic material in the language and where Clozemaster plays a large role, especially for filling in some gaps in vocabulary.

Among the languages listed in my profile, there are a handful I’m still not learning actively but which I’m using Clozemaster for as a warm-up. I’m studying 15 languages actively now.

Interesting to know that you’ve been using it for improving your listening!


Very interesting. My hat is off to you!

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One can see the Spanish flag, but the translation belongs to the variety spoken in Argentina. Might be worth either adding a note or just amending the sentence to match the flag.