Piniyin for chinese

Hi there, i’m beggining to learn mandarin and I find it very useful to have the pinyin transcription below the hanzi xinograms. This appears after I select an answer is there a way to show them before selecting an answer? thank you

Not at the moment because they include the answer.


I understand. Anyhow it would be a nice option even if its just for the answer option so user can set it up to his liking

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The same request was posted on Reddit recently. Here is my reply:

TL;DR, why don’t you just play on the listening mode instead?

I read your comment, just now and really had not though about it. the listening mode is not as clear, at least for me and is linked to not knowing most words in chinese. Maybe I should have a better level of chinese before comming into it with CM.

Thing is with latin languages I can get and idea of what words sound like, not with xinograms, but that can be reduced to ‘user base language knowledge’. Just tried a couple of sentences in the listening mode and it is way harder but sure gives more context that just the character.

my need really comes from my background and the habit of reading pinyin and using CM with the translations below and then trying to fit the answers. Will keep trying it, thank you for you response :slight_smile: