Perasaanku lega setelah mendengar pengumuman itu.

English Translation

The good news cheered me up.

The Indonesian sentence means ”my feeling was relieved after hearing that announcement". “Lega” is “be free/open”. The feeling of “cheer me up” in English is going UP whereas “lega” in Indonesian is more like calm DOWN.
The source says the English sentence was mistranslated in Japanese first, and then the Japanese sentence was further translated in Indonesian. The JP-ID translation is correct, but the indirect EN-ID is incorrect.

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The English translation was updated by the admin on May 26, 2022.

Old: The good news cheered me up.
New: I felt relieved after hearing the announcement.

However, this update was applied only to 5000 Most Common Collection. The same sentence pair also belong to Random Collection as well as Fluency Fast Track Collection. RC and FFTC should be updated.