Penso che quello scrittore sia meglio di Milton.

audio says something different. 06/21/2021. I honestly do not think that someone is checking our posts here as a quality control of their product. Will give them un sacco di tempo to correct.

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Posts here are mainly for discussion purposes amongst ourselves I think.

If there is a real mistake (like incorrect audio), that we are certain of, there is the little red “Report” flag:


So, I found the sentence and played the voice a short while ago, and it said “Penso che Dante sia meglio di Milton”. Hence. it was incorrect audio, as you mentioned.

However, I went back and did the same again just now, and the audio has changed to match the sentence “Penso che quello scrittore sia meglio di Milton”. It gave me a female voice, but it isn’t the same as the normal one that we get.

How interesting!


Thanks for point that out sindaco, I hadn’t really picked up on the extra little button tucked away in the corner (my eyes don’t tend to drift that far away from the sentence I’m studying).


makes perfect sense !of cause it has to go the red flag. it looks like a glitch in this case. i went back and listened again and it did have a correct audio, then the next time it is incorrect again . that tatoeba thingy has dante there in Italiano and English . maybe that is why it is mighty confused. will go to the red flag. i guess to be continued…

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I am afraid that the “red flag” will mighty ignore my message. It is a glitch to send it them. I do not know why I expected it. Somehow knew all along it was a waste of time.

English Translation

I think that writer is better than Milton.

I don’t think they follow up on reports. This is still utterly wrong as of 9.27.21. Reported again.

Audio: “Dante…” Text “Quello scrittore…”

@sindaco Excellent advice. I tend to report if needs be, and move on. The contact we share with “Mike” generally is still the best, I think.