Passa la palla.

Pass the buck.Can we add to the translation choices scaricare la responsabilità? Or it has to be in imperativo presente, which is odd.

I take this to mean literally “Pass the ball!” It’s also the name of an Italian TV gameshow;-) I think “Passa la patata” might have something to do with “pass the buck”. Happy to hear more.

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English Translation

Pass the buck.

I posted it again to show that “pass the buck” is the English translation of this sentence in CM and Tatoeba. I am not sure that the English players say “pass the buck” when they play ball. I am not into sports , so I am not sure. “Pass the buck” sounded more like shifting responsibility to someone else.


It seems that the Italian version of pass the buck is indeed passare la palla, or (better yet) fare a scaricabarile.

In passing, I never knew that pass the buck comes from poker. :heart::diamonds::spades::clubs::black_joker: