Parlate chiaramente.

English Translation

Speak clear., Speak clearly.

Please indicate if you singular or plural is required. There is no way of knowing and it is marked wrong if one has a 50/50 chance of getting it correct.

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Hi e benvenuta! Here I would take it as plural “(voi) parlate chiaramente” but as always, happy to be corrected.

Hope you’re enjoying ClozeM.

Welcome @ragazzapazza888 :relaxed:

Clozemaster functions a bit differently to other sites, like the green owl one. The sentences mainly come from the Tatoeba corpus, where all sentence pairings should be correct matches, but - as you also pointed out - there are often many different corresponding correct potential translations, which are generally covered by other individual sentence pairings.

For example, “You are late” in English could correspond to at least three different sentences in a number of other languages (e.g. Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.); referring to “informal singular you”, “formal singular you” or “plural you”.

You will encounter each of these individual sentence pairings on their own in due time here. Sometimes, if the verb is given, or there are other clues in the sentence as to the gender/number/tense/… of the cloze, it can be straightforward. Other times, other answers could be correct too.

One of the things I love about Clozemaster, is that you can choose various options of helping you figure out which one is expected in that particular cloze instance. For instance, you can choose to see the length of the expected cloze, by having the box width vary accordingly. This generally helps distinguish between singular and plural. Furthermore, there is the option of enabling colour hints, where letters will turn green or red according to whether they match the expected cloze or not. This can help distinguish between (in)formal singular and plural “you” verb forms, and even e.g. imperative forms, which I suppose could also fit here.

Alternatively, you could also add the other correct options to your “Alternative answers”, and then it will accept whichever one you type. However, I personally don’t choose to do this, especially in the case of synonyms etc., since I feel I will then always only opt for the one I am already most familiar with.

If you’d like help with enabling any of these options, please let me know :slight_smile: Otherwise, hopefully happy learning here! The Clozemaster way might be a bit different to what most people are used to, so it might take some time to warm up to, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And the lovely, helpful community is also a major plus, plus not in the least the responsive admins!