Orang seperti itu apanya yang baik? Bukankah ia suka mempermainkan wanita?

English Translation

What kind of person is that? Doesn’t he like toying with women?

How about, "What kind of person is that? Doesn’t he like toying with women?

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The current English translation is

“What!? I can’t see anything good about him. Doesn’t he just break all the girls’ hearts?” (source)

Anyway, please note that the original sentence was posted in Japanese first. The Indonesian and English authors translated from the Japanese sentence. So, it’s not a direct translation between Indonesian and English. And this kind of mismatch often happens.

The original Japanese sentence says “Why are you attracted to such a jerk? He is just a playboy, isn’t he?
Neither the Indonesian nor English author fully understood the annoying nuance of “jerk” in Japanese. Moreover, the first sentences in Indonesian and English miss the meaning of “you” (the listener) being crazy for the jerk.
If Google Translate works, the German sentence was properly translated from Japanese. So, I guess both the Indonesian and English translations need to be revised in accordance with the original Japanese sentence in order not to impact on the correct German sentence.

If you ignore the optimization from Tatoeba’s viewpoint. however, and simply want to match the Indonesian-English pair, the English translation would be:

“Do you see anything good about a guy like him? He likes toying with women, doesn’t he?”

  • “Orang seperti itu” literally means “a person like that”.
  • “Apanya” is “what part of it?”
  • “Orang seperti itu apanya yang baik”, therefore, is “what part of a guy like him is good?”