Orang harus mengambil pelajaran [menelaah dan mengambil hikmah] dari segala kisah kesulitan dan kerumitan yang menimpa dirinya.

English Translation

Man must take a lesson from difficult situation and bad condition which befall in her/his life.

The author from Tatoeba posted the Chinese sentence first, and then translated it in Indonesian and English. But the three sentences don’t match each other. If I translate literally, the Indonesian sentence means:

People must take a lesson [analyze thoroughly and get an insight] from all kinds of stories about difficulties and complexities that affect themselves.

And {{menelaah}} is the cloze-word, meaning “analyze thoroughly”. No one can answer it by reading the English sentence.
Also, inserting the [] brackets makes the sentence unreadable.
I don’t think “kisah” sounds natural in this context and doesn’t match the Chinese sentence at all.
There are too many flaws in both Indonesian and English sentences. Does anyone have an idea how to fix them?