Olan oldu.

English Translation

It happened.

Can someone please explain this sentence. Especially “Olan”

I was wondering this as well.
Here what ChatGPT 3.5 answered me:

In the phrase “Olan oldu,” the words have the following meanings:

  1. “Olan”: This is the present participle form of the verb “olmak,” which means “to be” or “to happen” in Turkish. In this context, “olan” functions as an adjective, meaning “the one that is happening” or “the one that exists.” It refers to something that is occurring or has happened.
  2. “Oldu”: This is the past tense form of the verb “olmak.” It means “happened” or “became.” In this phrase, “oldu” is used to indicate that something has occurred or happened.

So, when combined, “Olan oldu” can be translated as “It happened” or “It became.” It refers to an event or situation that has taken place or come into existence.

Please treat ChatGPT’s answers accurately. It’s answers not always true, but still can lead you in correct direction.