Okazało się to prawdą.

  • okazać okażę ‑żesz pf, impf okazywać ‑zuję ‑jesz = to show, demonstrate, display.
  • & się = to turn out, to prove to be.
  • Jak okazało się, … = As it turned out, …

Can anyone explain why ‘‘prawda’’ is declinated in this sentence? I think it’s correct that it has been declinated, as I’ve seen lots of online examples of this phrase, I’m just not sure why. Thanks

The verb “być” (“to be”) is implied here, as in “Okazało się to być prawdą” (“It turned out to be true”).

“Być” requires the instrumental, hence “prawdą” is in the instrumental when “być” is implied.

It is pretty common to skip “być” in this kind of structure. I’d say it’s preferable to skip it, you just need to remember to decline the noun as if the verb is still there.

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Thanks! That makes perfect sense now.