Ohne Strom und Wasser gibt es kein Leben.

English Translation

There is no life without electricity and water.

Strom kann dich töten. = current can kill you.
Doesn’t Strom mean current, not electricity ?

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Yes, literally, “Strom” means current, stream or flow.
When used by itself in this way It is short for “elektrischer Strom” (i.e. electric current), and means “electricity” in general as a layman’s term.
Of course, when electrical engineers talk about Strom, they only mean the current (Amperes).

So, the translation is correct, as that is what Strom means in everyday use.

Derived terms include:
Stromrechnung - electricity bill
den Strom abstellen - to cut off the power (circuit breaker or power switch)
Stromausfall - power outage/failure, blackout
Stromschlag - electric shock
Stromzähler - electricity meter
Stromanbieter - electricity provider (company)
Stromschwankung - current fluctuation
Stromkreis - electric circuit