Oh no, un sacco di Review! :-(

Felt really disheartened seeing quite so many reviews. So made coffee, sat down and jumped right in. It was so interesting seeing some of my beginner sentences pop up that I cleared them easily and realised how much I have learnt since joining here.

So as frustrating as they can be, take heart, reviews certainly can act as a positive reminder of how much we progress. Have a good week!:slight_smile:


Oh yes. It was soooo discouraging, when the second round of reviews began in French (still waiting for it in Spanish). At first I figured that if I keep doing these, I will never be able to progress again. But somehow I’ve managed, and it feels ok now. It’s just slower. I can see the value in doing all the reviews, but I do need to remind myself from time to time that I’m not in a hurry.

Enjoyed your post! I’m only doing Italian/English and the reverse so how you cope with more I don’t know! I too remind myself that I’m doing this for love of the language and country, so there’s no rush to get to the end (that never ends!) Stay well…

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