Oh, mio Dio!

English Translation

Oh, my God!

Isn’t it the other way around?


Ciao @oldsadgoth! Ah mi piace molto il tuo nome:-)

“Oh dio mio!” is better I think although I hear Italians say the shortened version “Oddio!” (oh god!). “Oh mio dio” doesn’t seem to be used very much.

A dopo…


You mean “O Dio mio?” That works too… I think it is more “liturgical” in this version.

It does not change the meaning really, but I would write “Oh” as “O” – the first is an exclamation, “O” is used to highlight the name is used in a “vocative” meaning, that is, it is being called or invoked. It is not really used outside of idiomatic sentences, or biblical citations, but it could be used jokingly when you want to be dramatic in asking for attention.


Ah yes, mi dispiace, the oh is very English and as you rightly say should be “0”. I must have a word with my autocorrect;-) I have a photo from a Christmas grotto in Rapallo, Italy that showed Santa’s bedroom. Across the pillows it read “Oh oh oh!” instead of “Ho ho ho!” so Oh! always makes me smile.


“Oddio” is a more “casual” exclamation.

I think “O mio Dio” would be reserver for a situation very bad or completely unexpected.


Sono d’accordo @mike-lima. Interestingly our Italian club members seem to have said both on occasions.

Grazie per autarci come sempre!

(Incidentally new members are always welcome!)