Oh, è una vergogna.

English Translation

Oh, that’s a shame.

I think the English sentence would more likely be used in the sense that the thing in question is “un peccato”, that is, to mean the same as “Oh, that’s a pity”.

If the thing were “vergogna/vergognosa” I think that in English we would more likely say “Oh, that’s shameful”.


I would have thought that the difference is small and depends as so often on context.
But maybe I -as a non native English speaker - used the expression sometimes wrong.

“Do you know that three million people in the UK are currently waiting for medical treatment for more than 18 weeks?”
Yeah, it’s a shame."

Because if it’s right, I would translate with “vergogna” here whereas “un peccato” would sound very “weak”, almost sarcastic (and likewise I would not have said “pity” in English).

Btw, in German it is “Schade” /“Schande”. In spite of the similarity different words and puzzling for learners.


it’s a shame” often only means “it’s unfortunate”.

  • It’s a shame it’s raining.

To keep the Italian moral meaning of vergógna, I’d rather go for It’s a disgrace.


I agree with @Anxos that “it’s a shame” often means “it’s unfortunate”.

Likewise, if one wants to express forcefully that a situation is appalling, one would more likely say “it’s a disgrace” or perhaps “it’s shameful”.