Ogni uomo ha il suo carattere.

English Translation

Every man has his humor.

Not sure about this one. Isn’t someone’s character much more than just humor? It feels like some story behind this sentence.

It’s strange, from Tatoeba, English seems the odd one out in this sense. It’s also been added by an unknown member at an unknown date (perhaps they deleted their Tatoeba account), so we can’t even infer if they were a native speaker and perhaps from UK / US / Australia / …

There was a play titled “Every man in his humour”, but don’t think that bears any relation to the current sentence.

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If you look even closer, you will see that the Italian sentence is a translation from the English sentence. The latter belongs to the so-called Tanaka corpus (as evidenced by the tag), which was bulk-added early in the history of Tatoeba, hence the unknown date and author.

The purpose of the Tanaka corpus seems to have been to teach English to Japanese students, so it has a lot of quirks. It’s a bit unfortunate that its sentences have been translated before being verified and adopted by native speakers.


The translation is not exact, “carattere” is more general

Yes, I saw the title of that play in Google. It just caught my eye that the word carattere is confidently translated here as humor , as if there is a definitive expression. BTW that play had a less popular sequel titled “Every man out of his humor”. So, I guess , heads up for this sentence showing up in our CM collections.

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