Ogni paese ha i propri costumi.

English Translation

Each country has its own customs.

Do I hear Carla say “còstumi”? According to Wiktionary and Forvo, it should be “costùmi”.


I hear “costùmi”. She almost drops “u” but I think she says the word correctly.

It may be so, but her pronunciation made me think it should be “còstumi”, until I checked.

I must confess I started checking pronunciations here ever since I read your post “pensavo fossimo i benvenuti qui” with “fossimo” having a wrong pronunciation. I lamented then that I trusted CM too much and learned a lot of words wrong. I thank you for what you are doing. I learned to check the words before I commit them to my memory now. My fault I did not participate in sentences discussions much earlier and did not see your critical approach. Now I know. Grazie!