O meu irmão quebrou a perna e teve que usar muletas por três semanas.

English Translation

My brother’s broken his leg and has to use crutches for three weeks.

The translation is not good. “brother’s” is not a contraction for brother has.
One translation would be: My brother broke his leg and has to uses crutches…

I’m not a native English speaker, but I can say that I often come across contractions for “has”, mostly with personal pronouns though: “he’s been”, etc. I don’t flinch seeing “my brother’s broken a leg”, but maybe I’ve acquired bad habits?

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I’m a native English speaker (English and Australian), and I would say either “My brother’s broken his leg …” or “My brother broke his leg …”.

I can’t think of any reason why I would have a preference for one form over the other, although for this sentence I slightly prefer the “My brother’s broken his leg …” form.

I wouldn’t normally say “My brother has broken his leg …” without the contraction to “brother’s”, unless I was trying to be deliberately slow and clear with my speech, for example when talking to someone who was not particularly comfortable speaking English.

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You are right. Here is a link to rules for apostrophe s.