Nun erst recht nicht!

English Translation

Now less than ever!

Could someone explain this? TIA

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Nun = now
erst recht = all the more / more than ever
erst recht nicht = less than ever

English Translation

Now less than ever!

“Especially not now!” According to Google translate.

You could also say:

Up until now, I didn’t really want to, but now, after what has happened, I definitely don’t want to.

“Nun erst recht nicht!” is short for “Nun (möchte ich) erst recht nicht!” where the middle part is left unspoken.

“erst recht” is used to express that the opinion you had before has hardened, due to some event that occurred. Because your opinion is now so solidified, the probability to convince you is now less than ever before. You might even be so angry that you do the exact opposite, just to spite the other person.