Nous allons partir demain.

English Translation

We are going to leave tomorrow.

Isn’t the proper way to say “Nous Avons”?

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Hi @frenchbu,

If you’re going to do something you use aller in the present tense:

present tense of aller infinitive (example) English
je vais regarder I’m going to watch
tu vas manger you’re going to eat
il/elle/on va faire he/she/one is going to do
nous allons avoir we’re going to have
vous allez vivre you’re going to live
ils/elles vont aller they’re going to go

You can read more about it here.


avons = avoir = passé composé, which doesn’t make sense here with the ‘demain’ context

And passé composé of partir uses être, not avoir. :slight_smile:

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Ahh, la maison d’être!

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Merci for your answers! I understand the different tenses better now.