Nonostante tutto il suo benessere, non è felice.

English translation

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For all his wealth, he is not happy.

I don’t know if this is (also?) an expression as such in Italian, and the definitions provided under 2. and 3. at Treccani for “benessere” do indicate “wealth”, but I keep reading this in the way as defined under 1. which would make very little sense.

“Nonostante il suo stato felice di salute, di forze fisiche e morali, non è felice”

I guess perhaps the key here is in “tutto il suo benessere”?

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I read this as "Despite all his *well-being he is not happy.

*comfortable life, contentment etc.

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Ah, I see in the editing process, directly from the “playing” interface, the formatting of the provided English translation went missing, along with the regular formatting (as already flagged by others elsewhere). It was “For all his wealth, he is not happy”.

Ciao sindaco. As a big fan of The Godfather, there is a scene where young Vito/De Niro sits on the steps holding Michele and whispers something “… benessere!”

I’ll try and cercarlo! :wink: Edit: unfortunately it has gone, this is a Spanish clip but nonetheless atmospheric. Fast-forward the nasty bit to the tenderness of the father who says “Benessai”, at least I think so;-)

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The end of the clip is endearing indeed, thanks!

I’m hearing “Michael, tuo padre ti vuole bene assai, ben’assai, Micheluzzo(?)”. “Michael, your father loves you very much, very much”. Not sure about the last part thought, I think it could be some sort of pet name for “Michael” perhaps, or something else altogether?

Sì, that’s more or less what I’m hearing too. I find it quite moving, knowing the outcome. La musica è per morire!

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Hmm, I think I will stick with “ricchezza”…