Nondimeno è proprio così.

“It is none the less true.”

There is not a single sentence containing nondimeno in the corpus, so I had to create my own cloze.


Ciao@morbrorper Buona pensata, and my trusty Collins gives us “nevertheless”.

Nondimeno will now be another useful “filler” added it to my list. Thanks for the heads-up.

Stammi bene…


Not quite the same, but this reminded me of the words for “no less!”, in such phrases as “he took me to Paris no less!”

The words are nientemeno, nientedimeno and (my favourite) nientepopodimeno.

They are obviously portmanteau words (parole composte) with the latter being a combination of niente po’ po’ di meno.

Nientepopodimeno is (secondo Treccani) “Forma rafforzata di nientedimeno”.


Perbacco david755502! How amazing to find that nientepopodimeno is the easiest to remember. I reckon the rhythm has something to do with it, a bit like rimpolpare;-) so yet another for my filler list.

Mille grazie!

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