Non voglio sentire parlare di loro.

English Translation

I don’t want to hear about them.

Should “parlare” be included in this sentence. It seems to be saying "I don’t want to hear to talk about them. I have not encountered two infinitive verbs next to each other before.


Ciao @leanstoic. It will be interesting to hear more about the double infinitive. I wonder if they meant to add an “o” after sentire?

A dopo…

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@leanstoic, welcome to the forum!

This is an interesting question.

The Italian sentence feels natural, you can also write “sentir parlare”, and it is a common expression.

Basically it means “to hear someone speak”, “to hear others speaking”.

Omitting “parlare” may not be technically wrong, but it would sound a bit forced or unnatural.


Grazie @mike-lima. Soon as I saw “sentir parlare” it rang a bell.

Your input always so appreciated.


Agreed. Maybe think of it as sort of “to hear them spoken of” . . .


[details=“English Translation”]I don’t want to hear about them.[/details]It struck me as alright when I read it too…to me, it also sounds similar to, “I don’t want to hear any talk about them.” which is a regional expression I think. Or, more common, “I don’t want to hear a word about them.”