Non puoi entrare lì!

English Translation

You can’t go in there!

Arguably this should be “enter” rather than “go in” - couldn’t you use “non puoi andare li dentro!” instead?


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You are right.
However, you will find an awful lot of these examples, where various very similar translations are possible.
In this case the cloze should be clear because the rest of the sentence is also different.

In other cases that is not so. There are different ways to deal with it:
You can add alternative correct answers to the cloze (that is not possible here, because as I said, the whole sentence is different. Personally, I am very careful with adding other answers. I restrict it to e.g. “assieme/insieme” where even after years I couldn’t fiind a rule when to use which)
You can add a hint for yourself (is this case your hint couuld be e.g. “enter”, but that would make the cloze somewhat easier).
Most of the time, I just go through possible answers in my mind and understand the existence of alternatives as a good sign for my progress.


Hi. I don’t think we’d ever say “You can’t enter there” so I think this is just a more conversational Cloze way of saying it both in E and I.

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