Non posso farci niente

I’m curious as to the use of “ci” here when saying “I can’t do anything”. Perhaps it is more emphatic “I can’t do anything here”.

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Out of context phrases :man_shrugging:

My reasoning is that “ci” is short for “a ciò”, so the literal meaning is “I can’t do anything to this”. It think it is analogous to the French “y”: “Je n’y peux rien faire”. So it is not about the place.

Disclaimer: I am still a learner.

Ciao morbroper. Thanks for replying. Ci can mean so many things but my trusty grammar book indicates that it means “it” in this case, which makes sense. (I can’t do anything ‘about it’). Perhaps a madrelingua will confirm. I like your disclaimer, by the way. Ciao!

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Ci here works as it, I can’t do anything (about something that has been mentioned before)

Adrianxu - mille grazie. I thought that would be the case. Clozem certainly makes me “think”. Have a good day!