Non posso crescere nostra figlia da solo.

English Translation

I can’t raise our child by myself.

Dovrebbe la parola ch’é più meglio essere: cultivare?

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Not sure, to me that sounds more like what you would do with plants, but I could be way off. With a slightly different meaning, “badare” could also be used to mean “look after”, I believe.

Edit: Treccani does indeed seem to confirm “coltivare” more related to plants, agriculture etc., though I realise now that I misread your suggestion :smile: (but in the same definition linked above, it seems to mention “cultivare” would be the antiquated form), and crescere does seem to be correct for the intended meaning of the translation.


Here, I would suggest, as an alternative (but not really better than crescere):

  • Non posso allevare nostra figlia da solo.

I tend to go with “crescere” here. Just my two pence worth;-)

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Google search useful here, to get a sense of frequency of usage:

  • Crescere i bambini: 183,000 hits
  • Allevare i bambini: 115,000 hits

Molto interessante. Grazie di nuovo.